Poet/Photographer Jack Perkins
introduces his newest book of poetry: HomeWords

In this book, I return to poetry introducing a new collection of verses gathered under the title "HomeWords."

As you see, the cover image is a clutch of baby turtles making their ways for the first time to the sea that for years upon years as nature permits will be their home. They are homeward bound.

As -- in a sense -- are we all.

The poems herein are HomeWords for all of us who are also headed homeward.

Some of the verses tease, some celebrate, others consider the lives we share with ones we love. There are poems of praise and poems of rebuke. I might say they are as varied as life itself as we live it or as we wish we did.

You may read some of my poetry from HomeWords by clicking on my blog link below.

I shall be happy to hear from all who read them; I hope you will respond as you are moved to do so. "Jackperk@mac.com" will do it.

It is available NOW directly from Amazon.com.

Autographed and personalized copies may be ordered from this site or order through PayPal. Let us know how many copies you wish to purchase at a price of just $20.00 per. (Price includes shipping.) And how you wish them personalized.

Thanks for your interest and, please, know that I will welcome any comments you have on the work. Especially anything you would be willing to post as an Amazon.com review.

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