Apalachicola, February, 2009.

Apalachicola is a city in Franklin County, Florida on US 98 about 80 miles southwest of Tallahassee. "Apalachicola" comes from the Apalachicola tribe and is a combination of Hitchiti Indian words "apalahchi," meaning "on the other side," and "okli," meaning "people". In original reference to the settlement, it probably meant "people on the other side of the river." Many inhabitants of Apalachicola, however, choose to translate the name of their town as "land of the friendly people."


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Bath Time

Birds Online

God Rays

Kneeling Tree

Old Dock

Oyster Stump

Red Log

Red Swing at Sunset

Stump and Moon

Sunrise, Dock and Deadfall

Sunrise Tree I

Sunrise Tree II


Water Bubble

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