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Jack Perkins

Island Prayers

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Islands are made for prayer. They are symbols of our unbreakable connection to God.

So writes Jack Perkins introducing this unique volume.

Bookshelves hold many collections of poetry, many volumes of photography, a few works that include both image and verse. But the distinction of Island Prayers is that both the poetry and the photography spring from the same creative font -- the same artist.

As the then-Governor of Maine, Angus King, wrote on the publication of Perkins' first book, Acadia: Visions and Verse:

"Jack's poems are pictures drawn with words; his photos are poems written with light.'

The subtitle of this work proclaims "Photographs and Poems of Praise" and indeed, the Spirit is readily found both in the glories of nature captured by his cameras, and in the inspired lines of verse that accompany them. 

This is not, though, a book to honor nature (nor does it capitalize that word.) On the contrary, it recognizes that the word "nature", as Perkins writes, "is but a timid euphemism for what truly deserves our worship. It's like praising the stove for a wonderful dinner." 

This book offers a wonderful dinner, a bountiful banquet.

Feast hearty!

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