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Jack Perkins

Island Prayers

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“Jack Perkins is a true Renaissance Man. This collection of work is a feast for the fireside traveler and art lover alike.” - Renowned wildlife artist John Seerey-Lester

“In this collection of his own poems and images Jack reaches new heights of beauty and plumbs new depths of spirituality.” - Nationally syndicated columnist Cal Thomas

“Perkins is a psalmist for our time. . .with an eye that can see life in heaven's light." - Rev. James McWhinnie

"Journalist, broadcaster, poet, photographer - these are descriptions that apply in equal measure to Jack Perkins. Each carries with it a set of impressive credentials, and they assure us of the professionalism of Jack's work. But none prepare us for the insightfulness and humility found in the poems and photographs of this volume. It is a work to be savored, and returned to frequently for inspiration and reward." - Michael Reichmann, Photographer, Photographic Educator, Publisher of

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