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Finding Moosewood, Finding God: What Happened When a TV Newsman
Abandoned His Career for Life on an Island.
Perkins, Jack (Author)
Mar 2013. 320 p. Zondervan, hardcover, $22.99. (9780310318255). 070.92.

Inspired by a weeklong trip to Stephen King’s summer home, venerable television journalist Jack Perkins turned his back on city life and all its trappings to live in the wilds of Maine with his wife, Mary Jo. Several years and books later, Perkins turns his talent for telling grand tales to the task of recounting his voyage from small-town irreligious broadcaster to famous, globe-trotting journalist, back to small-town spiritual seeker. With equal parts humor and humility, Perkins sketches out his own road map to God and a more fulfilling life, leading the reader along with meandering grace through the major stops in his journey before hitting upon simple yet profound points. Journal entries, poems, and the use of datelines sprinkled throughout the book add to the feeling of being privy to a journal where the author has written his most personal ruminations on pursuing a simpler life and a deeper understanding of his Christian faith. Lively, contemplative, and heartfelt, Perkins makes a compelling argument for straying from the beaten path, and in doing so does Thoreau proud.

Taina Lagodzinski

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